January 2022

Five Blessings

Pastor Larry Stockstill • Jan 2, 2022

Experience the goodness of everything that God has in store for you this new year!

Returning to Zeal

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 9, 2022

What’s your heart set on? Take a look at how your time, money, and attention is spent. Let’s pursue our faith above all else!


Because You're Favored

Tim Timberlake • Jan 10, 2022

With our commitment to God and his favor on our lives, obstacles become opportunities when we learn to lean into them rather than run away from them.

Nights of Revival '22

Refreshing and Renewal

Casey Treat • Jan 11, 2022

Experience all God has for you by transforming your mind to reflect what He says about you.

Nights of Revival '22

The Cross

Bob Sorge • Jan 12, 2022

Though it appeared like the end to the disciples, God used Calvary to mark the beginning of life through Christ.

Nights of Revival '22

Phinehas Says

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 16, 2022

Stand against what culture says is acceptable and embrace your righteous identity as sons and daughters of God.


Zeal for Your House

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 23, 2022

Just like Jesus, we are to have no greater passion than fully knowing God and pursuing the things of our Father’s house.


Reclaiming the Sabbath

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 30, 2022

Experience true rest by trusting God in honoring the Sabbath.

February 2022

God's Dream in your Heart

Pastor Joakim Lundqvist • Feb 6, 2022

Live for what God sees you as and all that He has in store for you, not where you're at today but all that He has created you to accomplish.

The Nature is in the Name

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Feb 13, 2022

What God says is exactly who He is and He will never change.

The Nature of God

What’s He Like

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Feb 20, 2022

Compassion and grace are the first traits that God uses to describe himself. Let’s not only see others’ needs but act to meet them.

The Nature of God

Stop Praying it Safe

Stephen Chandler • Feb 27, 2022

Understanding the capabilities of prayer enables us to obtain a perspective that shows how our prayers can impact the world around us.

March 2022

Slow to Anger

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Mar 6, 2022

Even in His anger, God’s patience with us continues to show His steadfast love for us.

The Nature of God

Hesed Emet

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Mar 13, 2022

God‘s love doesn‘t change. Nothing impacts how he feels for us. Encounter our Creator‘s Hesed Emet.

The Nature of God

God of Generations

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Mar 20, 2022

The love, forgiveness, and justice of God is for every generation. His nature lasts for all of time.

The Nature of God

A Heart for Harvest

Cameron Wiggins • Mar 27, 2022

God has equipped us with tools for advancing His Kingdom. Now is the season to put these to use.

April 2022

The Cup He Drank

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Apr 3, 2022

Stand under the cross and consider the cup He drank from so that you could have a different cup!

The Cross

The Cross He Carried

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Apr 10, 2022

With life in Christ, you can‘t take the substitution of the cross without the identification of it.

The Cross

The Way He Made

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Apr 17, 2022

God’s way for us is found through the cross of Jesus.

The Cross

Called to be a Spiritual Parent

Pastor Joakim Lundqvist • Apr 24, 2022

As spiritual parents, how are you preparing future generations to advance God’s Kingdom?