Bethany Ministry:

Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is a ministry that exists to connect anyone equipped with the gift of giving to the local, global, and future vision of Bethany Church through intentional, eternally-minded stewardship. By giving above the tithe, the generosity of a Kingdom Builder enables the Kingdom of God to move forward at home and around the world.

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Our Areas of Impact


These three areas are unique in their mission, yet all are focused on a single purpose: building God’s Kingdom. Within each area, you'll discover a specific vision, connection opportunities, financial needs, and potential Kingdom impact. Kingdom Builders lead the way by sowing into a vision that will make an eternal difference in one of these areas.

1. Local

As a church that has called Baton Rouge home for more than 59 years, our roots run deep in communities in South Louisiana. Locally this year's offering will transform the next generation of our cities and provide local assistance in times of crisis.

Bethany Mentorship

By mentoring the next generation, we believe we are investing in tomorrow’s leaders, and changing the entire trajectory of our communities. Through this amazing program, we are reaching our inner city and at-risk youth. We assist them with developing academic, social, and life skills as well as godly character that will help them succeed.

Foster Care

For years, Bethany has partnered with the Department of Children and Family Services in blessing Foster Care families during the Christmas season. Our vision for 2023 is to assist and support them throughout the year with school supplies, uniforms, groceries, and much more.

Disaster Relief

To be a support to our communities during storms and natural disasters, we are equipping our facilities to be a headquarters to respond in times of crisis. We believe the church should be a leading responder and bring the gospel to people in need.

2. Global

Since our founding, Bethany Church has helped advance the Gospel in countries worldwide. This year through Kingdom Builders, our giving will help further the gospel in East Africa and Puerto Rico.

East Africa

This year, we are partnering with Watoto Church and Commission Mankind to bring humanitarian relief and the gospel to several countries in eastern Africa. We love seeing people impacted by providing them with life’s necessities like clean water.

Puerto Rico

With almost 20 missions trips going around the world, we have the unique opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. God has put the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico on our hearts as a place to see a community of believers established. In May 2023, we are sending four teams to Puerto Rico to host evangelistic crusades. There, we will train local leaders and equip them with the tools needed to see the Kingdom of God advance in their community.

3. Future

Greater things are still to come for Bethany as we bring all people into the life, family, and purpose of God. Investing time and resources in the city of Houma will maximize our impact for future generations.

Houma Campus

Our Houma campus launched five years ago and we have seen God do incredible things in that area. We began meeting in a local high school gym until we were displaced by hurricane Ida. The community came together during this difficult time and we witnessed miraculous breakthroughs in people's lives. God led us to a local church building that became a consistent location for our Houma family. By purchasing and renovating this old Presbyterian church, we can provide this campus with a new, permanent home for everyone on the bayou.