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Can’t Stop the Feeling Part 1

Feelin’ Blue?

Jonathan Stockstill

October 14, 2018

1 Kings 19:1-8 NLT

6 Causes of feeling the Blues


It may be doable but is it sustainable? Have you built any margin into your life?


Many of the creators of social media are doing an apology tour right now because of what it has done to the human mind and psychology. We have turned into a narcissistic society. Everyone posts their highlight reel and never their miserable life.


This happens when you mull over your distress. You think about what is wrong instead of coming up with solutions. A cow is a ruminating animal. They regurgitate and chew some more. Your thoughts never come up better than they were when they went down. Ruminating is one of the leading causes of anxiety and depression.

4. Inability to PROCESS - pain, disappointment, and weariness.

Everyone has a bad day. You are either coming out of one, in one or going into one! Everyone medicates. Video games. TV. Binge eating and drinking. Medications.


Force your way into a relationship. Find some friends. Serve their worlds. Get excited about what they get excited about. “You will always stay as sick as your secrets.” Pastor Chris Hodges

6. Spiritual WARFARE

It is real! You have an enemy! He is currently at a drawing board trying to stop you. He works harder to stop us than we work to stop him. Prayer is not just communion with God but also a confrontation with the devil!

3 Things to Do when Feelin’ Blue:

1. Get healthy PHYSICALLY - Elijah took a nap and ate something healthy.

  • Rest - the first thing Elijah did was take a nap!
  • Nutrition - the second thing Elijah did was eat something healthy.
  • Exercise - the third thing he did was run!
  • Lifestyle - examine your lifestyle to see if you have allowed yourself to slip into bad habits or overall passivity about your appearance and job performance.
  • Sabbath - refuse to get on anything digital for 24 hours. Do things that replenish you.

2. Get in the PRESENCE of God - Elijah was led to the cave where he experienced the presence of God.

  • You need moments where you are experiencing the presence and power of God.
  • Have you heard from the Holy Spirit lately?
    • God doesn’t have a speaking problem but we have a hearing problem.
    • You will never know until you are still.
  • Create an environment where you intentionally seek His presence.

3. Get a fresh infusion of VISION - in the cave the Lord gave him a fresh vision for what to pursue the rest of his life.

  • Get back on assignment.
  • Relentless temptation thrives when you have nothing greater than that temptation to live for.
  • Dream big and write it down!
Can’t Stop the Feeling

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