Build Your Church

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Feb 18

We are excited and eagerly anticipating all that God is going to do in and through Bethany Church now and in the future! Get ready to hear some incredible things that are on the horizon for Bethany Church in the coming years as we worship and hear about all that God is going to do in the future.

Overcoming Depression and Despair

Dr. Andy Yarborough • Feb 11

Learn to not just survive depression and despair, but overcome mental illness through Jesus, who is our physical and spiritual Hope!

Through the Deep

Get up and Eat

Chris Durso • Feb 4

Are we emotionally aware of what's going in our lives? Learn the surprising truth about anxiety, depression, and burnout and why we don't have to live in darkness.

Through the Deep


Through the Storm

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 28

Through life's storms, learn how to cultivate a heart of gratitude and predetermine to worship the Lord in the midst of chaos.

Through the Deep

Our Priestly Duties

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 14

Discover the responsibilities we have as priests in God’s tabernacle.

Sacred Spaces

Preparing for Presence

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 7

Exodus 25: Understand the steps that bring us into right standing with God.

Sacred Spaces