Receiving John’s Sermon

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 1

God's the answer to all that lies ahead. Let your pursuit of Him determine what's to come.

Series: Receiving

Receiving New Life

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 8

Discover new life once you realize the need, source, and reason for new birth.

Series: Receiving

Receiving Rescue

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 15

Christ offers us a complete life in Him because He rescues us in these five areas.

Series: Receiving

Receiving Blessing

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 22

Understand how the disposition of your heart determines your future.

Series: Receiving

Jesus the Healer

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 29

Let your faith see that it’s God’s will for our bodies to be healed.

Series: Passports & Passages


Triumphing Over Temptation

Pastor Joakim Lundqvist • Feb 5

Recognize where sin begins and what we have to overcome it.

Series: Passports & Passages

Be Real

Pastor Wayne Brown • Feb 12

God is looking for people who lead authentic lives in Him, not those that put on a religious performance.

Series: Passports & Passages

A Fresh Outpouring

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Feb 19

Something is shifting in the world as people hunger for the presence of God. During this service, the Holy Spirit broke out in the congregation and the hearts of many were moved to repentance as we continued to worship and cry out to Jesus when Pastor Jonathan took the stage.

Series: Passports & Passages

The Power of Private Devotion

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Feb 26

What we do for God when we’re alone will make an immeasurable impact when our focus remains solely on Him.

Series: Passports & Passages


Praying Like the Master

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Mar 5

Drawing closer to the Father means learning to pray like the Son.

Series: Passports & Passages

The Forecast of the Kingdom

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Mar 12

What’s to come has always been, and will always be, the sovereignty of God.

Series: Passports & Passages

Don't Waste Your Life

Eli Bonilla • Mar 19

This life is not ours but we are called to steward it as if we are its rightful owner.

Series: Passports & Passages