Sacred Spaces

January 2024 3 Part Sermon Series

Journey with us through the book of Exodus as we look at the tabernacle of Moses. By understanding how God wanted to meet with his people in this time, we ourselves can move deeper into His presence today.

Through the Deep

January 2024 3 Part Sermon Series

As Christians, we often face moments of despair and hopelessness and may feel alone in the pit—but victory is on our side! Join us for this series as we walk through hard topics together such as depression, anxiety, and fear, and see that you are not alone in the fight.

Power Family

February 2024 3 Part Sermon Series

What does it take to have a true POWER FAMILY in the world today? Join us for this special series as we chat through important topics like having a successful marriage, creating a house of peace, and raising champions.

My Testimony

March 2024 3 Part Sermon Series

Discover the profound impact of sharing our testimonies during this new series. This series delves into the transformative power of personal stories, where ordinary lives intersect with extraordinary grace. Testimonies are not just narratives but powerful tools God uses to reveal His presence, healing, and redemptive work in our lives.

King Sized Lessons

May 2024 12 Part Sermon Series

The ancient kings of the Old Testament can each teach us meaningful lessons and Biblical truths on topics like wisdom, faithfulness, repentance, and worship. Join us as we explore the life of one of these kings in our series King Sized Lessons.