Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

By giving above the tithe, the generosity of a Kingdom Builder enables the vision of Bethany Church to move forward at home and around the world. Through this special offering, we aim to raise $1 million for Project Puerto Rico.  Achieving this goal will establish a permanent Missions Base on the island of Puerto Rico and aid in future Kingdom endeavors throughout the region for years to come.

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The Short-Term Strategy

This year, we are sending four mission trips, one right after the other, to pray, serve, witness, and minister on the island of Puerto Rico. These four trips will begin in May and culminate in a significant evangelistic outreach in June. The groundwork has already started as we have gathered political and business leaders and are planning a worship night at a cafe in Carolina this April to build teams and momentum toward our evangelistic outreach in June. 

When God is in something, He opens the doors, sends the people, and provides all that is needed. With this initiative, we have seen miraculous doors open every step of the way.

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A Missions Base

We stand on the precipice of an incredible mission opportunity to the Caribbean. Over the past several months we have found a piece of property that can be a Missions Base for all that we plan to do in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. This property is a little over 1 acre, and we have already drawn plans to build a missions base there that will sleep over 30 people. In the coming years, we plan to send many mission teams to support the work there and see a people impacted by the kingdom of God. We will also use this base as a part of our mission training mechanism for young people in Bethany College and leaders throughout the Caribbean. 

We can purchase this property and build the three structures for approximately 1.1 million dollars. We have already set aside some of this year’s mission dollars to go towards this endeavor, and we are confident that this mission can become a reality with the Kingdom-mindedness and generosity of the Bethany people. 

How You Can Be a Part

By giving to Project Puerto Rico, you can help make the reality of seeing the island of Puerto Rico transformed. As the people of Bethany Church, we all have an incredible part to play in seeing God's will be done here in Louisiana and around the world. Click the link below to be a part of what God is doing in the Caribbean.