New Ministry Training Program presented by Bethany College. 

The “Bible Training School” is an entry program into Bethany College. BTS is a 10 month intensive program designed for anyone who desires to gain foundational ministry training while immersed in the dynamic local church experience. With our focus on missions and worship, BTS is devoted to laying a biblical foundation and imparting keys and principles for living out a call to God's work. Along with receiving training in academics and hands-on ministry, each student will also participate in 3 mission trips with one being a month abroad, as well as playing key roles in hosting a national youth conference in the summer.

Tuition Cost: $1,500

What’s included in the total cost will be the following: 

Application Fee: $50.00
Registration / Curriculum Fees: $300 (Includes resources and text book fees)
Fall Semester: $350
Spring Semester: $450
Summer Semester: $350

Please note the application and registration fees are non refundable. 

Other Costs

In addition to the amounts listed above, all freshmen are required to reside on campus. More information can be obtained on the Housing page.

About Bethany College

Bethany College was founded on the rich heritage and legacy of Bethany Church to raise up to champion the next generation of leaders. We seek to train leaders that are equipped and committed to serving the world around them. Bethany College offers two tier programs of ministry training and further academic pursuit.

SEU at
Bethany College

SEU at
Bethany College

Upon completion of our Bible Training School Program, students desiring to expand their ministerial training can further their academic pursuit by enrolling in our two year or four year degree programs accredited through Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Within our degree programs, students will not only receive rigorous, affordable academic preparation in a university-type setting, but also be provided the unique opportunity to engage in apprenticeships, broadening their experience with the hands-on ministry training of Bethany Church. 

Degrees Offered: 

  • Associate of Arts
  • Associate in Ministerial Leadership
  • Bachelors in Ministerial Leadership
  • Bachelors in Business and Professional Leadership



Bethany College offers a unique advantage for those seeking to lead at a high capacity. Students are given the unprecedented opportunity to be practically equipped and empowered to lead while they pursue an academic education. One way Bethany College achieves this goal is through our hands-on ministry practicums.

Students enrolled in our Bible Training School will receive well rounded, foundational training in all areas of ministry in their program. Students who have completed BTS and further enroll in our SEU degree program will have the opportunity to begin a ministry apprenticeship within the local church. 

Areas of Training

  • Missions 
  • Worship
  • Next Gen 
  • Pastoral
  • Creative
  • Mentorship