We put others first because Jesus put us first.

Our story teaches us that it is important to put the needs of others above our own, even when it isn’t easy. Bkids House Party - April 19, 2020.

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Bkids House Parties.

Part Series

Pt. 1

Everyone Needs Forgiveness

Pt. 2

Don’t Miss Out!

Pt. 3

Put Others First!

Pt. 4

Jesus Put Us First

Pt. 5

We put others first because Jesus put us first.

Pt. 6

There’s always more to discover about God’s plan.

Pt. 7

Keep going even when it seems impossible

Pt. 8

I can trust God no matter what.

Pt. 9

Keep going even when it gets tough.

Pt. 10

Keep going because God knows the end of the story.

Pt. 11

Keep going even when you have questions.

Pt. 12

You can know Jesus even though you have never seen Him.

Pt. 13

Knowing Jesus changes the way you see everything.

Pt. 14

Knowing Jesus can help you face your fears.

Pt. 15

Knowing Jesus changes the way you see others.

Pt. 16

Jesus Is A Gift For Everyone

Pt. 17

You Can Help Others Know Jesus.

Pt. 18

Knowing Jesus changes the way that you see your problems.

Pt. 19

Following Jesus will turn out greater than you can imagine.

Pt. 20

There’s no limit to God’s creativity.

Pt. 21

God created you, so you can be creative.

Pt. 22

God created you with a purpose.

Pt. 23

God created you to work with others.

Pt. 24

God created you to share His story.

Pt. 25

Choose your friends carefully.

Pt. 26

Friends love one another.

Pt. 27

Friends encourage one another.

Pt. 28

Friends forgive one another.

Pt. 29

Be truthful with your whole life.

Pt. 30

Being truthful with God keeps you close to Him.

Pt. 31

When you’re not truthful, You Lose Trust

Pt. 32

Focus on what is true

Pt. 33

You always have something to be grateful for

Pt. 34

Celebrate what God has done

Pt. 35

Say thank you

Pt. 36

Adjust your attitude

Pt. 37

Get in the habit of being grateful

Pt. 38

We can have hope because God keeps His promises

Pt. 39

You Can Have Joy Because God Has a Plan For You

Pt. 40

God Loved Us So Much That He gave As A Savior

Pt. 41

God’s Peace Is For Everyone

Pt. 42

Love God And Love Others

Pt. 43

Always Look For Ways To Share What You Have

Pt. 44

We Must Be Willing To Work Hard

Pt. 45

We Need To Make The Most Of What You have Been Given

Pt. 46

We Must Use Our Words Wisely

Pt. 47

Be Kind To Others Because God Is Kind To You

Pt. 48

Be Kind To Your Family and Friends

Pt. 49

Be Kinder Than You Have To Be

Pt. 50

Be Kind To People Who Are Different From You.

Pt. 51

Bakeoff; it's Worth the Wait (Part 1)

Pt. 52

Bakeoff; it's Worth the Wait (Part 2)

Pt. 53

Bakeoff; it's Worth the Wait (Part 3)

Pt. 54

Bakeoff; it's Worth the Wait (Part 4)

Pt. 55

Reconnect, Build the Bridge (Part 1)

Pt. 56

Reconnect, Build the Bridge (Part 2)

Pt. 57

Reconnect, Build the Bridge (Part 3)

Pt. 58

Reconnect, Build the Bridge (Part 4)

Pt. 59

Run the Race (Part 1)

Pt. 60

Run the Race (Part 2)

Pt. 61

Run the Race (Part 3)

Pt. 62

Run the Race (Part 4)

Pt. 63

Run the Race (Part 5)

Pt. 64

You can be confident because God loves you.

Pt. 65

God’s plan is the best plan.

Pt. 66

God can use you no matter what

Pt. 67

God can do the impossible

Pt. 68

Press Play (Part 1)

Pt. 69

Press Play (Part 2)

Pt. 70

Press Play (Part 3)

Pt. 71

Press Play (Part 4)

Pt. 72

Dig Deep (Part 1)

Pt. 73

Dig Deep (Part 2)

Pt. 74

Dig Deep (Part 3)

Pt. 75

Dig Deep (Part 4)

Pt. 76

Dig Deep (Part 5)

Pt. 77

Ready To Launch (Part 1)

Pt. 78

Ready To Launch (Part 2)

Pt. 79

Ready To Launch (Part 3)

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