Kingdom Builders Offering

Each year, through the Kingdom Builders offering, we unite as a church family to give generously to advance the Kingdom of God at home and around the world. Our giving on December 3rd will help further God's Kingdom while maximizing the impact of Bethany Church for years to come. Together, our giving will make a greater difference than ever before.




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A Look Back

We are truly excited about what lies ahead in 2024, but we must also acknowledge that this year has been a cause for celebration! Thanks to your generosity during last year's offering, we have witnessed the realization of numerous dreams, while also witnessing individuals discovering the life, family, and purpose of God.

The momentum at the Bethany Center for Mentorship has not waned, as we now serve over 900 students! However, the most remarkable news is that this year alone, we have witnessed 302 student salvations. It is important to remember that all of this has been made possible because of your generosity.

Finally, our own Bible Training School is now operational. This fall, 24 students are immersing themselves in God's Word, developing a solid Biblical foundation to live out God's calling on their lives, all while gaining practical ministry experience in a local church.

Through our support, foster children continue to experience God's love. 22 new foster families from Bethany were expedited in hosting children in their homes. Additionally, we welcomed over 200 ministry and community leaders from across the state for the "1 Church, 1 Family, 1 Child" initiative, which aims to increase local engagement with the foster system.

Exciting things are also happening in Puerto Rico, as we now gather on Sunday mornings to build our launch team. In fact, every Friday, we host a Bible class on the beach for local families. God is bringing together an incredible community of believers in San Juan!

And down in Houma, we finally have a place to call our own. After years of being on the move, we now have a permanent home to reach the people of South Louisiana. We are thrilled to witness the growth and engagement from the community in the years to come.

Since our inception, Bethany has always had a heart for missions, and this year, over 300 of you embarked on journeys to 9 countries across 4 continents. These 17 trips have touched countless lives, allowing us to meet the physical and spiritual needs of thousands of people.

And we have no plans of slowing down in 2024. You can sign up today for next year's trips at Whether you choose to give or go, take a moment to explore where we will be spreading the Gospel next year.

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