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Current Users:

If you currently give online through or the mobile app, using SecureGive, you will need to set up a new giving account.

All of your previous giving history will be available in this new account. When you create your new account, the system will attempt to match you with your existing data.

  • Your new account is created when you make your first donation. Just click here to begin. You will see a form for donation.
  • As you create your first donation, you may see a prompt: “If this is you, please click on your name.” If your name and correct info are listed, choose it to tie in to your history and data.
  • On the final page, you will see an option for “Save Account.” Checking this will create an account that you can log in to at any time to give again or see your transaction history.

Important: Recurring donations will not carry over into the new system. If you have a recurring donation on SecureGive, you will need to set it up again on Churchteams.

We have canceled all recurring donations on SecureGive as of May 3. You can log in to your SecureGive account to make sure your recurring donation is canceled.

New Users:

If you have never given or donated to Bethany Church online through our website or the iOS/Android app, please disregard this notice. You can create an account and begin giving online at or through our mobile app.

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What if I don't see my name?
If you know you have given previously but the system does not detect your information, e-mail, and we can help you connect to your data.

What if my transaction history isn’t showing up?
The system requires some time to finalize and verify your account based on your last transaction. It may take a day or so to populate your giving history. Give it some time, and if it still doesn’t show your data, e-mail us at

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