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Lesson: The Real Jesus - He Had A Secret

Leader’s Section

This is simply a guide for you to follow as you lead your group. Below is a recommended worship song, icebreaker, and flow for your B-Group experience.

Worship Song: “Isn’t the Name”, Bethany Music

Prayer: Always begin and end with prayer.

Icebreaker Question: We just celebrated mothers day. Do you have a funny story from childhood? Maybe your mom gave you a bad haircut or dressed you and your siblings in matching plaid outfits! Share with the group.

Stay In The Know: SUMMER SEMESTER STARTS JUNE 6TH. Rally Weekends will be May 23 and 30th!


Key Scriptures: Mark 1:16-18, John 14:9, John 14:16-17

The Big Idea:

As we learn what the Bible really says about Jesus, we see that there are different ways we relate to and learn from God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They each have specific attributes and together form the complete image of God.

Main Points:

  1. Relating to Jesus the Son

    • We know that Jesus fully embodies love, but He is also regarded as the greatest teacher. We are not only invited to be the students of the greatest teacher and learn directly from Him, but to be in close relationship with him.
    • Studying under Jesus requires leaving our old lives, learning Jesus’ perspective, loving people like Jesus does, and leading others to understand who Jesus really is.
  2. Relating to God the Father

    • We often view God the Father the way we view our earthly father. Sometimes that is good, sometimes it is not.
    • Jesus modeled how we truly relate to God the Father. Jesus honored, loved, obeyed, and trusted His father.
  3. Relating to the Holy Spirit

    • The Holy Spirit was Jesus’ connection to His Father. Jesus needed the Holy Spirit to do what He came to do and we need the Holy Spirit to do what we are created to do.
    • The Holy Spirit can empower you, teach you, guide you, and move through you.

Discussion Questions:

Who is the greatest teacher or coach you’ve ever had? What caused this person to have such an impact on you?

How does your relationship with your earthly father affect your image of God the Father?

Can you think of a time where the Holy Spirit has guided you? Can you share with the group? How do you feel about your relationship with the Holy Spirit?


Our understanding of each image of God- Father, Son, Holy Spirit- influences our overall relationship with Him. If you feel you don’t see Him clearly as one of these, ask Him and He will reveal Himself to you.

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You may never feel closer to God than the moment you decide to forgive someone who isn’t worth it.
—-Rick Bezet "Forgive and Remember"