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Lesson: The Real Jesus

Leader’s Section

This is simply a guide for you to follow as you lead your group. Below is a recommended worship song, icebreaker, and flow for your B-Group experience.

Worship Song: “I speak Jesus” by Charity Gayle

Prayer: Always begin and end with prayer.

Icebreaker Question: Would you rather travel back in time to meet your ancestors, or to the future to meet your descendants?

Stay In The Know: Mother’s Day outreach is May 8!


Key Scripture: Matthew 16:13-17

The Big Idea:

Jesus is the epicenter of everything. He literally split the timeline of history. But even though no single person has impacted the history of the world like Jesus, people still have divided labels for Him. Sometimes we place labels on Him that don’t line up with the truth. But when we label Jesus with what the Bible really says about Him, we can relate to Him in a deeper way.

Main Points:

  1. Relating Jesus to love

    • The Bible says that God is love. We must believe that He is loving in order to know Him for who He truly is.
    • We all have labels for Jesus. These labels matter and we must be aware of the ones we place on Him. Labeling Him and knowing Him as loving is life-changing.
  2. Relating Jesus to the truth

    • Jesus made some outrageous claims about Himself. He said He was the light of the world. He said no one can get to the Father except through Him. He said He has all authority.
    • If we believe Jesus is who He says He is, it is only reasonable that we listen to Him and take His words seriously.
    • Our labels affect whether Jesus is first in our lives. If we do not believe He is King, Messiah, God, we will not obey His truth.

Discussion Questions:

Who is Jesus to you? What are some labels you place on Jesus?

Do you believe Jesus is who He says He is? How can we know that the claims Jesus makes about himself are true?

Do you believe Jesus is loving? Do you believe He loves you? Share a life experience that may have influenced your belief about Jesus as He relates to love.


God the Father will reveal the real Jesus to you if you ask Him. In the passage, Jesus says this is why Peter understood who He was. Ask the Lord to reveal the real Jesus to you.

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“God wants you confident & free.”
—--Jonathan Stockstill "Jesus Our Deliverer"