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Lesson: I’m Called

Leader’s Section

This is simply a guide for you to follow as you lead your group. Below is a recommended worship song, icebreaker, and flow for your B-Group experience.

Worship Song: “Believe For It” by CC Winans

Prayer: Always begin and end with prayer.

Icebreaker Question: What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

Stay In The Know: Leaders Night Fiesta is happening May 5!


Key Scripture: Exodus 3:1-10.

The Big Idea:

The call of God is available for every single person. In Exodus 3:4, Moses heard God calling and responded, “Here I am.” Your purpose is to draw closer to God, even in the mundane. Moses was in the wilderness when God called him to lead a nation.

Main Points:

The call of God will require you to…

  1. Embrace your place

    • The call of God will require obedience.
    • God cares more about the person you are becoming than the place you are.
  2. Encounter God daily

    • In verse 4, God called Moses’ name twice, which is a sign of affection.
    • We must value walking closely with God over what He has called us to do.
    • You have to know you are called to someone before you are called to something.
  3. Engage the call

    • “So I have come down to rescue…” (verse 8)
    • God will reach people through us, but He is the Deliverer.
    • The call of God is about other people; it’s how He asks you to partner with Him.

Discussion Questions:

Have you ever wondered if there’s a specific call on your life? How has the story of Moses encouraged you?

We learned the call requires us to embrace the place, encounter God, and engage the call. Did the Lord speak to you about a specific area? Share with the group.


God sees, hears, and is concerned about our families, jobs, and communities; He’s concerned about everything we are. The only thing God asks of us is obedience to time spent in His Presence. As we draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to us!

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You may never feel closer to God than the moment you decide to forgive someone who isn’t worth it.
—-Rick Bezet "Forgive and Remember"