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Lesson: A Heart For Global Missions

Leader’s Section

This is simply a guide for you to follow as you lead your group. Below is a recommended worship song, icebreaker, and flow for your B-Group experience.

Worship Song: “Been So Good” by Bethany Music

Prayer: Always begin and end with prayer.

Icebreaker Question: It’s back-to-school week! Do you have a favorite memory of your first day of school?

Stay In The Know: ATTN Leaders: Leadership Retreat is August 21 @ the South Campus!


Key Scriptures: Acts 1:6-8.

The Big Idea:

As we learned last week, Bethany began with a hunger and an openness for more. We believe in God’s supernatural power for healing and the gifts of the Spirit. Another cornerstone on which Bethany was a heart for global missions.

Main Points:

With global missions, we must have a passion for doing three things.

  1. Grasp

    • We must care about what God cares about.
    • We know God cares about people, and there are thousands who have never even heard the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. Give

    • We can engage in global missions by giving.
    • Less than 2% of western churches’ money goes to missions. It is not the priority, but it must be ours.
  3. Go

    • Some of you will be sent by God to a foreign land to share the gospel.
    • Did you know there are over 1,600 international students right here at LSU? The mission field is in our backyard!

Discussion Questions:

Have you ever been on a mission trip? If so, share your experience with the group.

Do you have a burden for global missions but just don’t know where to start? Last year, we did 9 for NOLA where people gave $9 each month for the local church. You can do the same to plant churches around the world! Even a small amount can be used in a great way for God as you partner with the church to be a blessing to other lands.


Acts 1:8 says, “And you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you shall be My witnesses.” This week, ask God to give you a fresh desire to grasp His heart for the world, to sow a seed to build His church, and for opportunities to go in His Name to reach the lost!

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“The Bible never says God is power but it does say God is LOVE.”
—--Jonathan Stockstill "Jesus Our Healer"