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Lesson: A Church Built on Generations

Leader’s Section

This is simply a guide for you to follow as you lead your group. Below is a recommended worship song, icebreaker, and flow for your B-Group experience.

Worship Song: “Build Your Church” by Elevation Worship and Maverick City

Prayer: Always begin and end with prayer.

Icebreaker Question: What is your favorite movie and why?

Stay In The Know: The Situation Room is happening this month at all campuses! For times and more information, visit . If you would like to volunteer, sign up at here.


Key Scriptures: Malachi 4:5–6 (NLT)

The Big Idea:

Bethany is a church built on generations.

Main Points: We all need to be a part of a small group because…

  1. God cares about GENERATIONS.

    • This is the very last verse of the Old Testament.
    • Scripture shows that God is a generational God.
      • Psalm 22:30–31 (NLT)
      • Psalm 102:18 (NLT)
    • Jesus cared for children.
    • Generations are God’s gift to humanity.
  2. A turn must happen in the HEART.

    • Your heart is the center of your affection, priority, and focus.
    • One of the great tragedies of a nation is when their hearts are not turned.
      • Fatherless, broken homes and children left to fend for themselves.
    • One of the great tragedies of a church is when their hearts are not turned.
      • Churches that only focus on adult ministry, stop speaking the language of the next generation, don’t include the next generation.
    • Unless our hearts change toward generations, we are in serious trouble.
  3. It starts with the PARENTS.

    • This is all about initiative. If we just hope something will happen, it won’t.
    • It starts with evangelism toward young people and continues with sacrificing time.
    • It starts with us!
  4. It saves us from the CURSE.

    • One of the tragedies of the church is our inability to pass down movements generationally.
    • Moses with no Joshua: You don’t enter the land.
    • Eli with no Samuel: No word from the Lord.
    • Samuel with no David: No one to slay Goliath.
    • Elijah with no Elisha: No one to fight the spirit of Jezebel.

Discussion Questions:

Do you think you have a heart and passion for the next generation?

What are some practical ways you can invest in the next generation in your life?


Turn your hearts to the next generation, engage in the resources provided, invest in the future, and get excited about reaching the next generation!

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The reason the Holy Spirit speaks in a still small voice is because you have to be close to hear it.
—-Rick Bezet "Forgive and Remember"