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The Three Goals of Your B-Group

1. Declare a mission.

This is Activate. As a group, come up with a plan for how you can serve together. Here are a few ideas: We will plant a church through Surge. We will all serve on the A-Team. We will do an outreach to the homeless in the downtown area. We will pray daily for our nation and president.

2. Commit to relationships.

This is Belong. More than meeting once a week, commit to doing life with the people in your group. Celebrate life events with each other. Encourage and support each other in difficult times. Call and text each other. Be a faithful friend!

3. Decide on a curriculum.

This is Cultivate. For 2017, deciding on your curriculum is easy. The entire church will be doing “The One Year Bible” and S.O.A.P. in groups.

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“If you’re facing sorrow, look at Jesus. He lives and so will you.”
—--Jonathan Stockstill "Jesus Our Hope"