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Lesson: Intentionality


What are you hoping for in this coming year?


Lord, Your Word says, “Behold, I am making all things new.” … “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true” (Revelation 21:5 ESV). Please renew all things in our lives this year.

Key Scripture

John 7:1–6 NLT: “After this, Jesus traveled around Galilee. He wanted to stay out of Judea, where the Jewish leaders were plotting his death. But soon it was time for the Jewish Festival of Shelters, and Jesus’ brothers said to him, ‘Leave here and go to Judea, where your followers can see your miracles! You can’t become famous if you hide like this! If you can do such wonderful things, show yourself to the world!’ For even his brothers didn’t believe in him. Jesus replied, ‘Now is not the right time for me to go, but you can go anytime.’”

The Big Idea

The long journey to climb Mount Everest begins with several flights to reach Nepal, followed by 10 days of hiking just to reach base camp at 17,000 feet. Additionally, the window for reaching the summit is only seven days per year. Imagine how intentional you must be to accomplish the feat of climbing this mountain. No one has ever achieved this accidentally. However, even a blind man has summited Everest because he purposed in his heart to do it.

No one is as intentional as the Lord. His plans are so detailed, and His creation is so vast. Remarkably, we humans were created in His image. Nonetheless, we will never fulfill the potential He imparted to us without intentionality.

Intentionality is the fact of being deliberate or purposeful. Jesus, our hero, perfectly modeled intentionality. In this lesson, we will gain a better understanding of intentionality and how to walk it out in our lives.


What was the most difficult thing that you ever accomplished in the face of adversity? How much planning and determination did it take? Share with the group.


Time is the only thing we all share equally. Both the billionaire and the beggar have the same amount of time each day, week, and year. Your day is your most important unit of time, since you can live only one day at a time. Your days, therefore, make up your life. Change your day and you change your life!


Do you feel as if you have enough time in your life? Have you ever tithed your time to the Lord? Share your experience with the group.

The secret to leveraging time is planning. Plan out your year right now. Then plan out your weeks as they draw near. Plan each day the day before it gets here.


Are you planning well? How could you up your game and be more intentional as you plan your year, week, and day?


Some friends supply comfort and company, while others challenge us to grow. For example, Thomas Edison, Harry Firestone, and Henry Ford spent summers together dreaming and encouraging one another.

John Maxwell has said, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” Do you have default friends you just happened to go to school with? Do you also have friends who challenge you to be more?


What is your goal for your friendships? Who in your circle of friends challenges you?


You cannot achieve success accidentally. You must sacrifice and plan by being intentional to reach your Everest. Imitate Jesus, who modeled this for us.

Action Point

Become intentional this year. Plan your time. Surround yourself with friends who challenge and encourage you.

For You, the Leader

  1. Instruct group members to do the following:
    • Pray for and touch base with another member before next week.
    • Invite someone to the group next week and/or to attend a church service with you.
    • Encourage someone this week.
  2. Remind the group about outreach. Find out which outreach will be taking place in the zip code closest to your group and participate. One of the greatest joys of life in Christ is serving others!
  3. What is the next step for each member of your group? Whether it is water baptism, Cultivate, or A-Team/B-Group leadership, encourage them in it. Also encourage all members to read their Bible and pray daily.
  4. Close in prayer, asking for any specific prayer requests.
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