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The Unseen Element

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.

—Matthew 18:20 NIV84

Think of a recent worship service or B-Group meeting that you really enjoyed. What made it so encouraging or helpful that you looked forward to it the following week?

A positive atmosphere inspires people to grow, facilitates healthy relationships, and allows the Holy Spirit to work. B-Groups are an expression of the church out in the community. Therefore, your meetings should reflect the heart and vision of Bethany Church.

As a B-Group leader, it is your role to set the tone and culture of your group. Aim to lead a life-giving B-Group that you would want to attend. Be a source of encouragement, and consider the factors that will provide a great experience for people, such as the location of your group, your preparation for the meeting, and the example you set as a leader. The right environment does not just happen!

[We] will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.

—Acts 6:4 NIV84

At Bethany, we believe heartfelt prayer is a connecting point for ministry. Your group needs to offer an opportunity for the ministry of the Holy Spirit to take place in people’s lives.

Remember, you do not need to know all the answers or be the source of all wisdom. The Holy Spirit is there to help and guide you.



Part 1: The Heart of B-Groups

Part 2: Your B-Group

Part 3: You The Leader

Part 4: Resources

“The Bible never says God is power but it does say God is LOVE.”
—--Jonathan Stockstill "Jesus Our Healer"