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How to Lead a B-Group Meeting

What to do

  • Fellowship
  • Icebreaker
  • Discussion
  • Prayer/ministry

What not to do

  • Business
  • Offerings
  • Unapproved speakers or material
  • Controversial topics

How to prepare weekly for a B-Group meeting

  • Invite people to your group.
    • It is simple. The moment you stop inviting people, your group will stop growing.
  • As a friendly reminder, call, text, or e-mail the day before your group meets.
    • People are not thinking about B-Group as much as you are, so a weekly reminder to those in your group will always be appreciated.
  • Provide food or snacks (if applicable).
    • As the semester goes on, people in your group may also want to be involved in preparing refreshments.
  • Create an inviting environment.
    • If you meet at a home, make sure the porch lights are on. If you meet at a coffee shop or restaurant, arrive early and reserve an area for your group.
    • Spiritually prepare the environment by praying, welcoming the presence of the Holy Spirit, and asking God to draw people to your B-Group and to work in their hearts.

Group dynamics

  • Allow time for group discussion. Avoid doing all of the talking. A good guideline is the 70-30 rule. Approximately 70 percent of the speaking should come from the members and 30 percent from the leader.
  • Keep the discussion positive. Carefully lead the conversation back to the topic when people go off on tangents. When sensitive issues or complex issues arise, follow up one-on-one after the meeting.
  • Steer the discussion in a direction where everyone can participate. Remember that some people may not grasp phrases that are common to many of us (spiritual warfare, washed in the blood, etc.).
  • Be prepared to change the direction of the meeting if needed. The primary goal is to create an environment where people feel loved and accepted.
  • Men should minister to men and women to women. Couples may minister to couples and to singles.



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“If you’re facing sorrow, look at Jesus. He lives and so will you.”
—--Jonathan Stockstill "Jesus Our Hope"