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Getting Started

How to become a B-Group leader

  • Complete all four weeks of Next Steps.
  • Attend B-Group leader training.
  • Agree to comply with the B-Group leader commitment and honor code.

How to launch your group

  • Decide on the type of group you will have, a place to meet, and a time that works for you.
  • Register your B-Group when online registration opens.
  • Invite people to come to your group.
  • Pray and believe God is going to do great things through your group.

How to grow your group

  • Start with people who are already in your sphere of influence (co-workers, friends, neighbors, others who engage in the same activities as you).
  • Find people who are new to the church or new believers, or who have shown interest in getting involved. Note: Bethany Next Steps is a great place to meet new people who want to connect.
  • Look for people whose potential you can help draw out.
  • Pray for God to send you people you haven’t yet discovered.

How to declare a mission

As we discussed in Part 1, we desire every B-Group to declare a mission—to come up with a plan for how you can serve together. Within the first couple of weeks of meeting, begin talking with your group about a mission for the semester. As the leader, you can definitely offer suggestions and ask the group to share any ideas they have. We encourage you, by the fourth week of meeting, to set your mission and create a plan for completing it. Semesters are, on the average, 15 weeks long, so you want to complete your mission by the time the group ends.

Here are a few examples of a B-Group’s mission:

  • We will plant a church through Surge.
  • We will serve together on the A-Team.
  • We will do an outreach to the homeless in the downtown area.
  • We will bring baked goods to the police station.
  • We will pray daily for our nation and president.
  • We will go on a mission trip.

Where to meet

We encourage all B-Groups to meet outside of the church building. If you cannot meet in your own home, look for a host home (possibly the home of someone who attends your group). Other possibilities for meeting locations include:

  • Library conference room
  • Recreation center
  • Subdivision clubhouse
  • Outdoors in a park
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Mall
  • Gym



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