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A Family Within a Family

God places the lonely in families.

—Psalm 68:6 NLT

God knows we need a loving group of people around us. It is through B-Groups that we see the church family functioning in relationships of genuine love and practical care. In B-Groups, we celebrate personal victories, support each other through difficult times, believe in each other’s potential, and show loyalty by keeping confidences.

We care for our B-Group members in practical ways:

  • Accountability: Ask tough questions; help them keep commitments.
  • Affirmation: Offer words of encouragement and support; affirm their strengths.
  • Assessment: Evaluate their condition objectively; help them gain perspective.
  • Acceptance: Provide unconditional love and grace to them, even when they fail.
  • Advice: Speak words of wise counsel, and give them options for their decisions.
  • Admonition: Offer words of caution and warning so they can avoid pitfalls.
  • Assets: Give them tangible gifts and resources, such as a book, a CD, or a personal contact.
  • Application: Direct them to discover how they can practice what they have learned.



Part 1: The Heart of B-Groups

Part 2: Your B-Group

Part 3: You The Leader

Part 4: Resources

“We must become convinced it’s God’s will to heal, not only that he is able.”
—--Jonathan Stockstill "Jesus Our Healer"