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Dear Bethany B-Group Leader,

Welcome to B-Group leader training! B-Groups are a basic building block of ministry to the people of Bethany. As a B-Group leader, you will share in the wonderful privilege of caring for the body of Christ at our church.

The relaxed, relational dynamic of B-Groups makes them fun and life-giving. Our model is the early church, where the disciples of Christ devoted themselves to fellowship and teaching. We have received many testimonies of lives changed in the context of these types of relationships.

We have carefully and deliberately created a system where you, as a leader, are cared for also. You will be paired with a hub leader from your campus. Never underestimate the importance of these people. Their number one priority is to pray for you daily. Your hub leader provides the necessary spiritual covering, the friendly accountability, and the strong support that you need.

We hope you enjoy your leadership training. Let’s live our passion, dream big dreams, and see what God will do!

The goal of this training is to equip and empower you to successfully facilitate a B-Group.

The Purpose

Bethany B-Groups exist to give people a place to belong. B-Groups provide a community where people can gather to find fellowship, encouragement, and fulfillment.

The Vision

The vision for B-Groups is that every member of Bethany be connected in life-giving, spiritually growing relationships that empower them for ministry.



Part 1: The Heart of B-Groups

Part 2: Your B-Group

Part 3: You The Leader

Part 4: Resources

“Jesus is the icon of hope.”
—--Jonathan Stockstill "Jesus Our Hope"